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These poor zombie heads are scared.. But of what? :o

  • 848 days ago via site
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Here are the full sets! Enjoy :)

  • 869 days ago via site
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So here is the Trophy Hunter and it's upgrades. There's a version without the extra shoulderpiece for those who do not like that.

  • 870 days ago via site
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A Trophy Hunter, with evolution! More coming soon!

  • 870 days ago via site
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Thank you all for the many birthday wishes! To celebrate, I decided to make one more set for the shop! Enjoy :)

  • 876 days ago via site
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The Mighty Sword of the Dragons, said to be created by Desoloth's Dragons. If all goes well, another questreward from Gren :)

  • 880 days ago via site
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The Great Daggers of the Horc. Possibly one of the item-rewards from Gren's quests.

  • 881 days ago via site
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Happy birthday, ! (One day in advance)

  • 891 days ago via site
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There we go. The full set! A big steampunk gun, small dual revolvers, helm, cape and armor.

  • 893 days ago via site
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The steampunk gunslinger! Coming late-January, to my birthday shop! :)

  • 895 days ago via site
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I heard you guys like steampunk.. Steampunk Gunslinger incoming!! (Birthdayshop items, coming late-January)

  • 896 days ago via site
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Forgot to upload this WIP of last weeks photoshop practice, so here it is!

  • 907 days ago via site
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Some photoshop painting practice for school. I'll be less active due to school for a few weeks now, but I'll be back shortly after :)

  • 916 days ago via site
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Dark and Light Frost Ninjas, ready for action! Most likely coming with the little grey moglin, when he returns :)

  • 930 days ago via site
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A mysterious character rises. Is he your ally?

  • 949 days ago via site
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Here's Gren, my personal weapon dealer. I always tell him to sell stuff at my prices.. But does he listen.. Anyways, gonna gear him up with some weapons tomorrow!

  • 958 days ago via site
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Poisonous Daggers of the Drow. Note: This will NOT be available for everyone.

  • 960 days ago via site
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The duality mage! Choose your own destiny, good or evil. These two sets is in fact ONE set. You can click the set to switch between good and evil. (Probably not for this Friday's release)

  • 968 days ago via site
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A mysterious gunslinger appeared!

  • 993 days ago via site
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Been practicing shading and proportions a lot lately. :)

  • 994 days ago via site
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