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oops, crap. But it's actually worth less, now. :) .00001

RT : last one should have said, "Best Client-Side Bug" ;)

Ligatt Security Intl. at 2 cents a share, entire co. is worth $918,456, if anybody would buy it. 1mill? hm, nope

Matching stalactites. Remember ceiling stalactites. Ground stalagmites. Lol

Urban stalagmites! Cool! Found in Wilmington Delaware

Sakura time.

How to have fun while proctoring a stats exam.

In a rare display of honesty, the crappiest shoe company in the world rebranded itself

yeah I know. Haven't seen my puppy for 2 weeks. Headed home now to see him

NSA museum=awesome

secret squirrel from NSA museum. Thought you'd like it

The secondary screening area for #blackhat - now with pic!

TSA at #blackhat hahaha

Better pic

Power supply meets 7.62x54r. Power supply loses!

I love blowing tech up!

Enjoying shooting PSL moisin m44 and 10/22. This is fun!

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