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Canadian in Thailand for 3 coups. Founded ad agency & nightclub in Bangkok. Cycle enthusiast. Working with @smilingalbino Adventure/Lux Tours

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The thick potato wedges battered & fried with skin on at Burger Bro were particular good.

Checking out Burger Bro on Rama IX 49. Pretty good! Can't beat price of this 80 Baht real beef burger.

Didn't want to bore y'all with #food pics last month, so here's the greatest hits in 1. All but 7 homemade.

The new thing seems to be creating drawings out of your GPS fitness trackers. So I drew a snake.

's Swarm doing slightly better than 's Messenger in the #Fail apps category.

Contrary to their name, Siam Digital Photo in Siam Square.

I guess Thais are not big Beatles fans. They have no clue why those zebra stripes are painted intermittently on roads

I'm so happy my healthy Thai Demerara sugar only has a few chemicals in it.

Did you know decorative wooden fretworks below traditional #Thai buildings' eaves were made to soften casted shadows?

My daughter has just learned me on how awesome maple syrup is on banana bread

Love having my own herb garden. This fresh basil & mint for my lunch salad is still breathing.

Excellent! No need to get the car washed.

FourSquare's got all funky.


I don't know. That sidewalk space looks luxurious from a Bangkok perspective.

All is not vanished.

Anybody lost a #cat that looks Photoshopped but not? Found it in our front garden

Goats don't grow on trees ya'know... oh, wait. Via