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Hi! I'm a project manager and the founder of @noshowconf & @WIGBoston. @101atron is my robot brainchild.

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I'd like to introduce you all to my new best friend, rye. #rub

I AM SAINTS ROW. Note: my taunt is MJ choreo. I kicked a dude in the crotch so hard he died.

Post-gameloop beer and nachos, fuck yes. #gl11

I wish was here to run this session. #gl11

Living room and dining room converted to beds for Gameloop #gl11 #12of12

Someone wants me to go to bed. #12of12

Daily tomato haul.#12of12

Meeting up with my favorite person after work. #12of12

Lunch with . I basically eat nothing but mexican food. #12of12

I still maintain my hair came out kinda purple. #12of12

They ran short of desks at work so I'm stuck in the hall. #12of12

I'm really concerned by how purple this dye appears to be.

As always, tempted to leave my like this. (trying a new brand & shade, so bleached my whole head)

Holy shit, not even I fill the wine glass up that high. <3 skellig.

Yes cat - out if the entire bed, on my jeans is totally where you should sleep.


Some day gendered bathrooms will end, and we will no longer have to ensure things like this.

This is a fantastic concept and poster for a cabaret show:

New earrings. $1 at h&m. I am a badass new god of shopping.

My desk, and convincing my husband top go to yoga tonight. #12of12