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You asked for it, you got it...PYT's Donut Burger is back for our Burger of the Week!
By far the most popular burger we've done, this baby has a split and grilled glazed donut bun filled with a juicy beef patty topped with american cheese & yummy chocolate covered bacon.
Available now for a limited time!

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PYT's new Burger of the Week is the Bruschetta Burger, and it is deeeeelicios-o!

Juicy turkey patty topped with melted provolone, tomato-garlic-basil bruschetta topping, pesto aioli on crostini style toast w/ garlic parm fries.

Available right now, like literally as you read this, for a limited time!

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After some research in the deep South, we have our new burger of the week for y'all...the Shrimp & Grits Burger.

Flaky, buttery homemade biscuit bun. Juicy beef patty topped with a crisp and creamy shrimp & grits cake, fried green tomatoes and finished with yummy pimento cheese. This is Southern comfort on a biscuit.

Available for a limited time.

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The Rib Buster!

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For our new Burger of the Week, we are collaborating with one of the most mouthwatering and exciting spots in NYC: Miss Lily's Jamaican restaurant. So we present...MISS LILY'S JERK CHICKEN BURGER.

We are using authentic Miss Lily's Jerk Sauce & Miss Lily's Marinade with a chicken patty, topped with a Jamaican cucumber salad, finished with fried plantains and served with "Jerk Fries".
Available a limited time.
Check out Miss Lily's at

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LOADED POTATO SKIN BURGER! Our new Burger of the Week is here and ready to melt your taste buds.

Two potato skins loaded with gooey cheddar, crisp bacon, chives & sour cream are your "bun"...with a juicy, fully loaded beef patty sitting pretty in between. Game changer.

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Our new Burger of the Week is remix of a true Philly classic...The Tastycake Burger!
Juicy coffee-rubbed beef patty topped with applewood smoked bacon & finished with goat cheese, all sitting pretty on a split and grilled Tastycake Coffee Cake as a bun. It's a perfect combination of sweet and salty and savory with a subtle coffee twist.
Trust us, if you enjoyed the Krispy Kreme burger, you're going to go nuts for this.
Available NOW for a limited time.

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Our new Burger of the Week is in partnership with our friends at Six Point Craft Ales for Beer's the Sweet Action Ale Burger!
Juicy, dark meat turkey patty with a Six Point Sweet Action, orange, bacon and caramelized onion marmalade and topped with apple slices and spring mix with Sweet Action vinaigrette.
Beer lover's dream!
Available now for a limited time.

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Where my cheese lovers at? Our new Burger of the Week is about to take your mom out to dinner and never call her again. It's the CHEDDAR RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME burger!

Custom blend beef patty filled with a molten core of Horseradish Cheddar, over a thick layer of melted Smoked Irish Cheddar and topped with thick melted Applewood Smoked Cheddar. Then this cheddar monster is finished with a homemade Apple-Walnut-Bacon Dijon Aioli.
Eat this now, it's going to fill your soul with gooey goodness!

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Here she is, our Burger of the Week...All Shrimp Everything Burger: A gorgeous juicy all jumbo shrimp patty topped with a fat slice of herbed garlic butter and served with Old Bay fries!

Available NOW for a limited time.

"Shrimp all in my chain, shrimp all in my ring,
Shrimp all in my watch. Don't believe me, just watch,
Shrimpie, Shrimpie, Shrimpie"

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Burger of the week time! We're so excited for March & St Patty's Day that we're getting started early with the Kiss Me I'm Irish Burger!

Juicy Corned Beef & Chuck blend patty topped with melted Tipperary Irish Smoked Cheddar and Jameson & Guinness-braised cabbage on a fresh LeBus Bakery brioche. So fresh, so Irish, so March.

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PYT's new Burger of the Week is...The Bacon Bloody Mary Burger straight from PYT's "US of Bacon" TV appearance!
This beast is a horseradish-coated beef patty stuffed with dripping Bleu Cheese and topped with Bloody Mary marinated crispy onions, finished with a tangy tomato & horseradish aioli and served with a side of fries.
Available NOW for a limited time.

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Our new Burger of the Week is The handy Nasty, a tribute to our favorite spot, Han Dynasty!

Created by Han himself, this is Han's "Dan Dan" sauce-marinated pork belly & beef patty blend topped with Han's famous "Spicy Cucumbers" & "Dan Dan" aioli on a traditional soft white Chinese bun. Served with amazing, spicy "Szechuan Fries".

This burger rules! Available now for a limited time!

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It's our N'awlins themed Burger of the Week, the Muffuletta Beignet Burger, just in time for Fat Tuesday.

Two house-made, deep-fried flaky beignets are your bun, inside is a juicy beef patty topped with melted Swizz, sliced Capicola, Salami & Pepperoni and olive tapenade.
Served with house-made hush puppies with a side of honey butter.

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“Das Burger” is our new burger of the week…

Taste your way through modern Germany, right here at PYT, with a juicy seasoned ground pork patty, smothered in Gruyere cheese & Yuengling beer-braised sauerkraut, over a spring mix and topped with pickled cucumber slices & dijon aioli on a kaiser roll. Served with fries and a spicy pickle spear.

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Technically not burger…but it’s so damn good, who cares, it’s our “honorary” burger of the week. Are you ready for the Baconshell Fish Taco? Our taco shell is, of course, made out of 100% amazing crunchy juicy bacon. And inside is fresh fried cod.

We will be offering this starting right now, for a limited time. As well as continuing the original Baconshell Taco Burger. Not available in NYC.

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And the new burger of the week is the ...BACON-SHELL BURGER TACO!

We've actually created a taco shell out of 100% bacon. And filled this crispy beauty with a taco seasoned beef burger, shredded cheddar & pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo and an avocado & cilantro ranch sauce. Served with house made tortilla chips and salsa.

Available NOW is very limited supplies!

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Chicken Sriracha Burger aka The Firebird!
Grilled chicken burger marinated in sriracha & chili spices, topped with lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion & sriracha aioli on a LeBus brioche roll. Served with sriracha battered onion rings, aka Fire Rings, and a spicy pickle spear.

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Ho Ho's our new Burger of the Week...The Christmas Dinner Burger!

Buttermilk-fried turkey leg patty topped with spinach, house-made goat cheese & sage mashed sweet potatoes, red wine sauce and crumbled sugar-plum mix.

It tastes like Christmas in here. Available now for a limited time.

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Pheasant + honey fig sauce + blue cheese walnut apple crumble= The Pleasant Pheasant Burger

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