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Screencap of TMZ's "dead bombing suspect heavy into hiphop" bullshit so you don't have to give em traffic:

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All quarters of my weird-ass twitter feed in agreement re: foul call on Burke there.

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What Obama's inappropriate comment on Kamala Harris' appearance teaches us about our media, #inonechart

  • 722 days ago via site
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The Cult of Savvy goes to their rotten, derisive, not-even-clever work on the subject of gender discourse & sexual harassment.

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This. Is. Punderdome. & enter with Pope puns, only one leaves. You decide.

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Anatomy of a successful trolling. (LESSON: Don't lose your nerve. Double down.)

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Either there are emoticons here that Chrome isn't showing me, or is kind of a jerk:

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Please oh please let this mismatch slapfight continue. #popcorn

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Superb timing on this promoted tweet, at least for Politics Twitter:

  • 813 days ago via site
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You cannot unsee 's flaccid-pinocchio representation of Boehner:

  • 814 days ago via site
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Here's a screencap of the first half of the "feminized setting" Sandy Hook column. Not linking to that garbage.

  • 828 days ago via site
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Can't believe deleted this typo. "The Birth of This Stranger's Song" could be a lost Phil Ochs tune.

  • 833 days ago via site
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In which tries to shallow-grave a Dadaist typo that made me chuckle:

  • 836 days ago via site
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Oh, goodie.

  • 837 days ago via site
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This is fucking brilliant.

  • 869 days ago via site
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Hey, we updated our infographic & post on mapping the Old Rich White Guy genome -- we missed a refund check:

  • 875 days ago via site
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Our site's throwing up a malware warning. Here's the infographic version of that Conservative Megadonor thing:

  • 875 days ago via site
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Idiots and liars like to blame Obama for February-May 09 job losses. Even counting them, he's in the black:

  • 875 days ago via site
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At this point in his presidency, George Bush had overseen 1.1 million net job losses in the private sector:

  • 875 days ago via site
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We've lost 559K govt jobs & gained 3.8M private ones since recession ended:

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