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a tiny taste of #BongoLove last night.

a tiny taste of #BongoLove last night.

In 1500 Albrecht Dürer completed this self-portrait.

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Iveta - walkably close bistro near my workplace.

I took a screenshot of the most hideous thing I have ever seen. Click link at your own risk.

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Uh oh. This is intimidating.

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Just waiting for now. #GabFestFest

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Here I am sailing on the Monterey Bay with my son Julian () in 2007.

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Honey, I drew the cat. #Yoshe

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I wouldn't dare.

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Sometimes random tweets seem to flow together on a timeline.

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TG ribs

Ecce one bowl of freshly made english muffins!

I'm not going to eat these, even they are right under my nose with that go-ahead-eat-me aroma.

Very Silly

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Here's , my lovely co-host on #MusicaDellaSera , in an ad this week in

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Homemade mint chip ice cream. "Best ice cream you've made yet.","it's delicious." --local reviewer

Shrimp Salad

Twitter wants me to follow Some Asshole, but I guess not Just Any Asshole. So, are they implying I'm an asshole?

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House Republicans now telling the Senate that if it doesn't agree to postpone Obamacare they will shoot this dog.

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