Thirty-something Geordie Lass with a passion for , tea and pizza. Incurably geeky, can mostly be found wearing skinny jeans and Converse.

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It's a li'l bit chilly tonight

Spot the geeks. I won't forget this wake-up call for a long time. Stunned awake! /cc

Had 10% off my next order at to use by Friday, so I just ordered this coat for winter

Love my Kidrobot White Ninja from

Nearly 18 months after getting my Qashqai I have finally hooked up my iPhone to it's built-in Bluetooth

rain? We've got this today

aw I didn't do one. Will you have a Piñata instead?

just noticed the bitizen costumes. I just kitted out my Mapple Store worker in the Genius costume

ha, you've got them all tonight. I've just had one fancy dress bitizen in my tower

Er no, Boots the Chemist, that's not how you spell roll-on

New TV unit from IKEA. From £95 to £65 because of a tiny imperfection that can't be seen

what you expecting, Nicholaaas?

I love how autocorrect does this when I type your name now, lol

They didn't have any jam ones. But as long as I get some sugary dough in my veins I don't care

I've got a Little Mikey

Bacon Sunday is going to go off with a bang and a sizzle


Tonights very late "dinner" at 11.20pm. Rice Krispies. #iam5

Get the frick in

my decision: