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Cutest face ever (besides mine of course). Tummy boy, you are missed. You were very plump and special.

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hoodwin gets his tum massaged

hoodwin gets his tum massaged

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its so cute...he eats and drinks lying down most of the time.

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Sinatra doing great :) he just came back from a trip to pet club with girl...he loves it there..got noms & toys.

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Above me on the fourth level live LIttle Badger and Starbucks Pembleton. Dobbie Jones has the penthouse- girl uses step stool to enter his pen. He is getting LOTS of visits from Gabe, my pen mate who is used too seeing right next to him through a gate :) He is happy as long as there are a few visits each day- he really loves Gabe alot, but if they are together for too long they bicker so Gabe lives with me (and I really love him too- he's popular).

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its huge- hard to fit it all in the pics. but easy to move cuz of the wheels even on our new carpet tiles girl put in.

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Here you can see me on my level (the third level) just above reginald and sebastian.

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It has wheels so can go anywhere :) Cedric & Hoodwin on bottom, Reginald and Sebastian share the second level.

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Now for more about ME, what the fans REALLY WANT TO SEE :) This is my new high rise. I LOVE it :) lots of pix to share. If anyone wants to know how to build one, tweet me for directions. materials cost us about $300 and we get MUCH more this way then by buying pre-made smaller living quarters from pet stores. Smaller ones can be made. this one has five levels, can add 3 more levels if needed, 5 feet by 2 feet pens.

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This is him in a the car with his foster mom, who is the director of the Sanctuary Project here and likely responsible for saving his life :)

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he LOVES grass. This is why we walked 3 miles to the park and back early this morning.

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this was him at first, in the wild alone having escaped bad conditions. some ppl at firehouse befriended him and got him help. This video shows the breeder he came from and the horrible conditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tD-lH8E_ejA

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here he is with eyes closed :) sweet.

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Life is super busy here w/ new dog guys, but we owe u some pix! This is 'Sinatra' (for now) sleeping after 2hr walk this AM. Its so hot we have to walk early- leave at 5am!

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Today is change the sheets day so girl letting me nom in bed...hehe!

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Mouskin is home, smiling and safe! He came home from ICU tonight, doing much better. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts. Girl is exhausted but VERY happy....he has lots of medicines and should recover!

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Please hold a positive vision for Mouskin that he has heart failure right now- very treatable, he can still live long life with heart failure on some simple meds.

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