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Sir Tom. King of the Christmas boxes.

Me being silly at work today...

Fuck y'all. made me a Thanksgrieving dinner so hah!

Gluten free potato vodka for the win! (at Space Camp)...

Ryan, Jake and Matthew. We are bored...

Bored at work... Jake and Matthew show off their Movember staches. 70s porn stars?

Pre-Ikea pic...

Is this for me? Why thank you! #doubleshotvodkaandcokeback #forthewin

Total cuteness!!!

Our gangsta look.

My mustache for Family feud tonight at CC Slaughters. Xx

Look who is being forced to wear his pink heart tag again since he keeps disappearing. Aww. Gay Tom.

We are playing Pictionary at work today. Famous actor. Go!

Look ma! Mexican cheese and a Mexican!

Good morning from me & Sir Saint Thomas "Tom Tom" Aquinas!!! Xo

Sunset in Cannon Beach... #goodtimes

Keepin an eye on the 'hood... #goodkittay

Keepin an eye on the 'hood... #goodkittay

Keepin an eye on the 'hood... #goodkittay

Keepin an eye on the 'hood... #goodkittay

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