I say my thoughts. I live in reality. If you don't like honest and realistic thoughts don't follow. I have crohns, Dysautonomia, aspergers, and more. Spoonie!

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Storms all over.. Will they stay on path to me? #cowx

this is the current network state in the middle of pueblo. Is this acceptable to sprint?

I wish we could have this weather all the time

and one more

Anyone have a clue what jack in the box means with 'new concept coming'?

saw this today. Got a few pics of it if you like. Thought of you.

This 100f thing isn't ok. But it's 68 inside, damn I love central air.

Guy on reddit is drawing pics for anyone that wants. I asked for a Cactus phone.

Radar. Worst missed me as usual. East of pueblo better watch out

My little girl Twinky (pomeranian) sleeping and guarding my niece (human)

Think the weather found me today

Hey do you think pueblo will ever get 3g speeds back, let along LTE? it's getting pathetic

I've been here for 7 years. Providing insight into the mind of me. Lots of stats:

Is this part of a banana ok to eat? Rest is white just not this

Wasn't expecting to wake with a stabbing fire in my head but this guy changed that with three or so good bites

installing the Google voice app so far fixed it on my phone. Gonna try the others soon. This is my network info

even the phone service said we had service interruption. And the app

If i stare at this long enough will it make it work?

The new $100 looks funny. Hologram strip is neat.