I play bass in pierce the veil. ok bye.

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Thank you Chicago and everyone else who writes us letters. You have no idea what that means to us. Much love!

Nice stache "I don't always drink beer but when I do I choose Budweiser"

Philly!!! I fucking love this place, and yes I love these too. #breakfastofchampions

Someone has tampered with my bunk, and left this little gem in there. I will find the culprit, and they will pay. :-)

This is called not giving fuck!!! Go Chargers!!!

Just chillin backstage in tulsa before we gotta hit the stage!

Scarface on in the front lounge is not a bad way to start this day off!!!

Oh I forget to mention that I met Brett Michaels last night! #bigfan

Don't fuck with my bro he'll throw that challenge flag!!! #andyreid

Hey you jealous haha #happyhalloween

Thanks jack from Bayside for giving me a lil present to jam with. Love you dudes!!!

Getting pumped!!!

I've missed you old friend...

Just me in paris yesterday trying to crack the Da Vinci code with tom hanks

Yup I was there. It was insane

In Italy today!!! We all went to the beach. Think it was actually the Mediterranean Sea so check that one of the list.

and went to architecture school. This is there first creation.

This is just Hangin inside the venue! Art or just weird? You decide...

So im glad they're starting to make kid sizes.

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