Jason Fernandes


Postdoc, HIV immunopathogenesis. Balcony gardener, excellent thermoregulator. I like watching How It's Made while eating the thing being made. PS I'm the idiot.

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ha, turns out the garlic *is* Canadian!

Happy again.


New Frankendoughnut! #foodbaggery

Happy Birthday from Algae, HIV, Streptococcus, and, inexplicably, a beaver!

I don't know if I want to take it out of the package or not, but I'm still very happy about this.


AND. The grand master of cuteness.

also, here's a plush sperm from a repro conference that is inexplicably printed with pink/blue elephants.

IT IS DONE. #foodbaggery

Not content to give me another victory, Pandemic is cheating. All countries forsaken, mystery 400K alive?

Lundibeers it is!

How to tell if someone has a plasticware promotion on. #science #postdoclife

I want to go to there.

I did it.

I don't usually make PBS, but when I do I make a sh*tload. #science #postdoclife

FYI: Baby construction worker has been here.

"Bleach spots," or "another reason I don't wear nice things to the lab." #science #postdoclife

Huh. #science #postdoclife