Justin Heeren


IT dude at Zappos.com. Co-owner of WouldYouKindly.com. Podcast host. Beer brewer. Hip-hop enthusiast. Former radio DJ. Future programmer.

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I look like a new Elite Beat Agent.

...because I'm 12: Part II. #ME3

Gratuitous ass-cam! Stay classy, Bioware. #ME3


Found a shirt you need to purchase. NEED.

Friend of mine loaned me these; heard they were pretty good. Thoughts? #comics

HEY! LISTEN! #AdventureTime #TheLegendOfZelda #mashup

Ha! Awesome Easter egg. #Rage

Funniest ish ever.

Another good mail day! ( records FTW!)

Damn. 's game library is looking good.

Bought new gym shoes for the first time since I moved out here. Anyone have experience with the Reebok Zigs?

I need some help. This keeps printing the property that isn't a string. #js

F**k it, might as well try it out.

Thanks ! I'm a get drunk off chocolate!

Best mail day ever, thanks to and . :)

Nimblebit... your sense of humor is amazing.

Will be spending a little extra time in the gym... worth it. #BenAndJerrys

I'm working on losing the extra pounds, but while I'm a bigger dude... might as well embrace it.