Florian Vanthuyne


I'm a student Digital Design & Media (Devine - Howest) from Belgium

Photos and Videos by @prplps

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Goed zo Thomas Cook! Foutmelding bij betalen, dus wil ik m'n nummer ingeven. Volgens DOM zit deze input niet in een form cc/

I see what you did there #VLC

Did #Google change their search layout? The lefthand column is now a toolbar underneath the search bar.

So 4 years of #devinehowest results in 17,76 GB worth of files!

Hmmm .. I'm wondering how Facebook got this image to continue in a triangle. I've got some ideas, but the css gives no hints..

Does anyone know what font this is? WhatTheFont did not make me any wiser..

Mail on OS X obviously doesn't like a mail folder called "Archive". Looks different on each reboot too!

Designing my blog. I'm trying out a 21px font-size for paragraphs and I like how it looks so far!

And a nice #UX fail!

Lets hope this one sticks

Not sure if I should align the text to that guid, of keep it as is, with the C being the only taller letter…

Making good progress in making this project more MVC than it was before.

Updated Skype. You can now make it crappier by linking it with Facebook. Oh and it has a Flash video embedded?

Schitterend! Gratis fotokaart tot eind april bij … tot je dit tegenkomt …

This is how I'm seeing it anyway

Just when I want to add decent descriptions to my projects :')

Oh, and Opera too. Exact same problem.

Tapbots db seems to be overloaded :(

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