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Awesome moon tonight. Go have a look.

Homemade Oreos with ice cream for dessert. Like I need these calories.

Deviled eggs with bacon. Also FTW!

Beef brisket pouting FTW!

Box on left is 680g for $6.47. Box on right is 975g for $5.95. Which one would you buy?

Just went out to pay tribute and remember Neil Armstrong #winkatthemoon

She's helping me plan my trip. Creepy that she's sleeping with her eyes open...

Finally made it to the game...the view of the CN Tower with the roof open.

I am officially downtown...view of CN Tower over Metro Hall

Hey is it too late for #drunktweetchat or was that yesterday?

Interesting wine label - "Roguishly fruity, cunningly dry, guilefully supple and wickedly good"

On a conference call, but I'd rather be back at with the rovers. #CSATweetup

Full hi res pic from rear haz cam of #MSL showing edge of Gale Crater in distance #CSATweetup

Very cool hi resolution pic of Mount Sharp from #MSL (you can see 2 wheels too) #CSATweetup

WOW! Very clear pic of heat shield from this thumbnail #MSL #CSATweetup

From the briefing. They think this was the heat shield in this photo. #MSL #Curiosity #CSATweetup

Very cool watching the rovers moving around the terrain at #CSATweetup

Checking out the rovers at #CSATweetup

For trials in case of a manned mission, but can also be operated remotely #CSATweetup

A rover being worked on here at #CSATweetup