im hana ye also [points at furuya and eijun] i cruise them

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omg rmmber ur post about this?? kise is eating thatgingerbread thing like kurokos and kuroko is the only onewho has the package

kurrrrokocchi ^ p ^

crying(???) kisekun :-)

kuroko tetsuya my son :-)

lmao lame selca pls im going out for a bit!!

lameass selca at ur unwanted service pls forgive me

sofia i tried to IM uzu but yea

thanks but im fucking underweight already

i doodled aomine's ((hopefully))future daughter ^o^

alya yea

my drawing skill makes me cry i swear

i found,,, this hAT;;;

i nEED TO STUDY FOR TOMORROW but nope my future is too dark

what am i doing in the pokemon world...

hahaha im supposed to be studyign but no

fuck u im a big girl i can do it myself

be one with ((the color of))the ocean i feel so haru-ish

wtf am i doing

my fav song weeps

reaching for da hand of makoto aka teppei nigou

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