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Mini-early--Christmas: commence!

"I thought I told you to stop using your cell phone to do... 'that.'"

Dropping mine off; figured #EdLee wouldn't be destroying ballots that didn't vote for him 3 times here... *probably*...

A friendly lil' extra reminder for #edlee supporters?

HOLY SHIT! Does this mean I'll finally be able to actually receive a phone call sometimes?!! /cc

Is this mannequin wearing a... a rape whistle?

Even *he's* giving me that judgmental eye. (*Probably* for dropping him on tables all over town...)

Time for the Castro layover of her "F Your Coffee" tour! #excited

"We're not bad; we're just drawn that way..." #Folsom

Pleasant surprise of the day: the belt was necessary to keep the pants up, not keep the flab from popping out.

Headed out for sailing on the Bay for #spitzerfest2011; kinda worried about the weather though... looks a lil' rough...

My Friday night is shaping up to be an exhilarating one! #bachelorcentral

Tasting notes: "Vintage is the 'Year I graduated high school'-vintage..."

"This is The-Year-I-Graduated"-vintage port!

Picnic over; is this compost or recycle?

For those so very tired of all those... y'know... "fake" bathhouse experiences...

Enjoying the tail end of a cloudy, cool SF fall afternoon out:

"You see what I ordered over here? I'm gonna be fartin' blood tonight..."

Beautiful day for a baseball game! #letsgogiants

Is giving a reach-around? Get a room boys!