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Aspiring louche dilettante. In no particular order: Linux, reading, music, coffee, beer, wine, films with subtitles, motorcycles. cogito ergo zoom

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A few days in and a quick screenshot of the new (to me) environment.

Throwback Thursday, you say? Elite running under beebem. Boom.

Yay! #Arch linux + beebem + 's port of 2048

This PC is running Windows 8.1. Uh-huh :)

The irony viz privacy on that last link -- this srsly needs addressing, though ;)

. Gah, more lens flare than JJ Abrams #dvdspinepoetry

And here is your avi (I hate this term) rendered in ANSI -just so you know


No biggie, but can you let your web bod know that the art-slogan style isn't rendering for me v well for me...

That's more like it

*drum rolls* TADA!

See!? Ça marche bien.

Does yours look like this too? Me as well.

See!? ;)

New to my inbox - Dad ca. 1947.

Obligatory screenshot: hactar is dead, long live queeg.

A slow morning, so I archified my wallpaper. #arch

In case no-one has pointed it out to you, you have some server side issues on your site

From another place - better screen shot this before it goes away.

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