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Atlas 5 rocket launches AEHF 2 military satellite

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Observations show that dark matter in the Universe is distributed as a network of gigantic dense (light) and empty (dark) regions, where the largest dense regions are about the size of several Earth moons on the sky Photo: VAN WAERBEKE/HEYMANS/CFHT LENS

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Falcon Heavy Spacex Overview 2010

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Science fiction movies have spoiled us on high definition views of our planetary neighbors, but real-life photographs with equal jaw-dropping potential are exceedingly rare. That's what makes NASA's awe-inspiring snapshot of Saturn (hi-res version here) such a stunning piece of eye candy.

Taken by NASA's Cassini robotic orbiter, the shot was captured from the dark side of Saturn as the Sun's bright rays illuminated every piece of dust and debris circling the planet. Cassini has offered astronomers a never-before-seen look at Saturn and revealed more information about the planet than any craft before it. The craft has taken so many pictures of the ringed wonder that they were recently made into a short flyby film that looks like it was created by George Lucas rather than a robotic space explorer.

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Sprint time on MARS from the Viking Landers. The O.G. Mars explorer -

and of course Opportunity and Sprit :

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SpringTime on MARS part "1" :
The Mars Express spacecraft has been photographing the Red Planet for eight years - and counting. Among other tasks, the craft is gathering evidence to help scientists evaluate whether there is - or ever was - life on Mars.

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Mission to MARS

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Russia will test launch its new generation Angara booster rocket in 2012, the Russian space force commander said Thursday.

Oleg Ostapenko told local media that the Angara booster rocket is expected to be fully prepared for launch in 2012, adding that "everything is going according to plan."

Angara rockets, designed to provide lifting capabilities between 2,000 and 40,500 kg into low earth orbit, are expected to become the core of Russia's carrier rocket fleet, replacing several existing systems.

The rockets have a modular design similar to the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV), based on a common Universal Rocket Module (URM).

Russia in October successfully launched a military satellite by "Molniya-M" carrier rocket.

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Werner Von Braun

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Space Solar Power

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Space Solar Power Conceptual Design

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Von Braun Flight to Mars

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PWSP 2.0 - Spacex Falcon 9

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PWSP 2.0

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