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Day Gone By...Not the Very long ago. NASA Space shuttle on top of a 747 above the clouds

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Solar power has the potential to solve all of humankind’s energy problems. The amount of solar energy that reaches the surface of the Earth, per year, is somewhere in the region of 8,000 times higher than our current power requirements

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I was very wrong to consider Indian Motorcycle dead.

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Historic craters: On Friday, an asteroid as big as an office building will pass within a whisker of the earth, the nearest recorded brush for a space rock of its size. Here’s a look at other encounters where our planet (and others) wasn’t as lucky.

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Mars rover self portait 1031-11/1 2012

  • 628 days ago via site
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HIGH PRICE OF A CARBON. 11 Dead. 160 miles of coast gone. 10s of billions in cleanup -

  • 670 days ago via site
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#Subway #MTA #Flood Tuesday, as officials discovered the breadth of tunnel flooding from an enormous hurricane, New Yorkers were warned that the bulk of the subway network could be lost for “a good four or five days,” - Mayor Bloomberg

  • 686 days ago via site
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Yes ATLAS-V returns to manned flight.Full - and here

  • 695 days ago via site
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Space Shuttle #Endeavor makes it way to it new home thru Los Angeles formerly mean streets

  • 702 days ago via site
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Hot Shot- Space Shuttle Endeavor returns home to.CA on the back of a modified 747..

  • 709 days ago via site
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Space Shuttle Endeavor flyby Hollywood

From NASA Dryden space shuttle over hometown of SF Bay, GoGiants

Jesus #MRO snapped pictures of the supersonic #Mars Curiosity EDL chute openning -

  • 768 days ago via site
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Software upgrade over a 256kb connect #marscuriousity over a distance of 225000000 km

  • 768 days ago via site
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Stratolaunch super carrier for air launch Falcon 9 rockets! Courtesy Paul Allens

  • 788 days ago via site
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The world tomorrow with SKYLON/HOTOL

  • 788 days ago via site
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A vacuum tube train is a maglev run through air-less tunnels. Lack of air resistance permits speeds 1000–5000 mph

  • 788 days ago via site
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A #Dragon soars above the clouds courtesy Andre Kuipers for European space agency

The good old days! #B52 #NAVY #AIRCRAFT CARRIER

  • 848 days ago via site
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Dragon / F9 Solar array deloy against earth as a back drop. #DragonLaunch 05/22/2012

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