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Had to wait for four mounted police to pass before I could make a left. Since when did Hollywood get a cavalry?

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Thx to & for joining (hiding behind Indigo's butt) in the Human SHOCK-tipede!

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This is how we rolled, Week 1 of the NFL season. FYI - Josh.0 now up on Ellismania.com!

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Thought this was just a dodgy 9V - but did you know the Duracell Bunny predates the Energizer Rabbit by 15 years?

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There is not an Irishman alive who can hang with my souvlaki.

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I never thought I'd be able to say, "Oh yeah, I forgot - one time I met Jerry Springer."

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Josh interviewing a thoroughly engaged Les Claypool.

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Blast from the past: When RawDog was The Illusionist (and before he grew that 'beard' of his).

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Who is THAT handsome guy?

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More Samantha Fox. You tell me ladies - is that a C-section scar?

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Samantha Fox's Awful Boobies

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Sam Ronson mug shot.

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Were The Smurfs always so pissed off? And was there always a dude with a kilt and muttonchops? Run away, kids...

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"hey hey we're the monkeys. did you go?" No Monkees for me. Saturday night was book writing & my bride's crab cakes.

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Hey ladies: Think twice about asking Criss Angel for an autograph. (Thanks to Eric for sending)

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John and Yoko, as I like to remember them. (Thanks to Bevan, my Facebook buddy, who knows how to use Photoshop.)

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Sick Food: Homemade Corn and Shrimp Bisque. Hopefully back tomorrow - taking TheraFlu and watching "Kung Pow" now..

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The chick at Best Buy, to a fellow employee: "Hey look - someone's finally buying one of these!" Swear to God.

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Some very classy Thai incense. According to the packaging, they also make incense in a glamorous 'Pussy'(!) scent.

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