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jojo lazar: Tiny tart of vaudevillian verse. Mentor: zines, creative writing & uke @passimSOM. Visual artist. Ukulele lady w. @armyoftoys @girlsSOLOUD

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i haven't seen live since dec07 when i became 's mike stand molesty style, missed mtg WS!

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annnd AFTER! nyah ;p re-Cruella'd. "party stripe" if you pinwheel-- will. #homerockabillyhairsalon

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you'd still take a creative writing workshop w. me, right? hobo burlesque professoresss (hair) salon coffee fix!

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yes. i paint in THIS hat from . twittercism narcissism? social networkin' advert? or art rockin?!

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fr when i was a baby watercolourist, 2004

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making (megalomaniac) new FANCY stripping sonneteer-on-the-spot poem stationaries. SHHH! secret/skeleton key/self-portrait themed!

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literary icons Franz Wright/Gish Jen argue over leftovers! (http://sn.im/wheeling) Franz's latest book reviewed in NYT. to think i used to faux TA for him... (picture from 5/1 Jew U Sr Thesis Reading, i took)

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just call us Hatshepsut & Bastet. #twitpickitten terrorized by practicing horn. tee

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(pt 2, evidence) O, but, what a trifle! our fancyexistence! (maybe this is a naughty sneak peek of yesterday dans la jardin...eee)

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re-Cruella'dvidence. and adorable chaton. and a massive photo upload en route!

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nylon ukeforest! present! mr. Paul Dilley gaved me his (unused) soprano uke at the Ketman/Rev. Glasseye/Beat Circus/Mucca Pazza carnie revivalist rock night. good for learning Sgt. Pepper tracks, nice twang!

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Robert smithy +crimped neon (+mike in the middle)

  • 2421 days ago via phone
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I clearly shld order fish tacos. Labia + black beans? Margaritas w. (we pine for )

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Mel lederman's keys sez: don't shoot the piano player. Or punch him in the face.

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rare serene/angelic mo' by . i will seem nothing like this, but come to corner tonight @ 9 for my solo vaudevillevenings- mondays in sept! bowie ahoy!

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came out to play at our TT's show beg. of the month, too! hotties

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natasha et ' frilly vaudevillian bum stage! my pix from thurs's toys/dreamchild show: http://sn.im/regentpix

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exhausto rockabillies! , from 8/1 toys' TT's show. moar pictures: http://sn.im/toysbutchers

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Disembodied Elmo head loves!

  • 2437 days ago via phone
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