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jojo lazar: Tiny tart of vaudevillian verse. Mentor: zines, creative writing & uke @passimSOM. Visual artist. Ukulele lady w. @armyoftoys @girlsSOLOUD

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Creeper cam-ho myspace style in the loo on 11.11.11 Nigel 'do me on a tuffet' Tufnel day/ gig. Late night qweirdo

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won me over with their live show, but get a load of their sweet t's and taaapes!

1st panty-flashing glimpse of Veruca-quin dress helped me create for Sat. Evidences by Nabeela Vega

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Hee! when you got me the F Scott bio i'd forgotten i'd started Zelda. Predictable flapper

Doug Glass's photo of at Hallowmas RI! Shall i plan to illustrate thine fabulousness? coerced feather!

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Droog-TOys melodrama w. m'pineapple Eleuke. by Doug Glass Hallowmas RI. ccessories by

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Ghostly sights by symphony. Our town has one fall bean to share, spooky stage fog for Sickerts birth

For sale tonight 930pm salon gone wrong! http://bit.ly/salonden Hand sewn poem-a-day mini-zinelet :)

Rockstar behaviour earlier. Sound check delayed? scalding bath of the day in my band hotel rm

dotty lady xhausto fr traniwreck benefit . Thx all who bought http://bit.ly/alizaarts !

Mister Kitty watercolour/collage (thx 4 materials!) for . Twatpix 1st glimpse/poor gimp manip

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Dream in art deco dots to-night/sight

feelin like the riddler-ette in leopard print (fr St. Mum!) in honour of off i go to the Tardis Tease!

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Portrait of the young artiste w. post cocktail party-bedhead after exhausto 5 days in a row gooo team! *yawn* xo

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loo pix2. Post-peddling paintbox for Aliza's Brain Trust, Allix Mortis modeled

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Cheesecake MySpace escapee in the ladies @ Uke-arist II to see Space Balloons/ & ...

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Lilith fair-flapper hair! Ani-inspired monolock. cut our hairs. <3 Compare to http://twitpic.com/63jpt3

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Uncurl'd. Frightfully Ramones/emo/excessively bang'd. Bob (&mono-dreadlock)'ve taken OVAH! trim thurs.

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Spooky Boop, ready to have dinner at eight-- nine. Surprise date night! Havent worn silk polka dot frock since bday

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by . Edrie working hard in the swelter to entertain the PG crowd w/ popsicle smiles Central Sq

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