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ok, SERIOUSLY? this is after DNS change:

Asked siri - and Google Now. Google FTW.

Asked siri - and Google Now. Google FTW.

I asked Siri who won the Stanley Cup playoff game tonite. this is what she gave me cc/

& here’s what I see when I AirPlay the preview

Cleaning out my desk at work. My 1983 dictionary seems to be missing a few words, like "internet"

is there really NATURALLY occurring purple cauliflower? this looked dyed to me...

nifty-fift on a snail. I'm loving it ! you’ve unleashed a monster...

ok, a nice one of at #d11 one of the hardest working people at the conference

. might like this “candid” photo of at work!

My first encounter with Google Glass, and he said he couldn’t turn it on cuz the battery life was so short.

got my nifty fifty out of mothballs and got a shot I'm pleased with of my dad’s “beautiful” clay sculpture:

Hey I thought the airstash didn’t work with raw fotos but I was wrong! moved this from DSLR to iPad:

Advantages of not listening to music: 8 GB iPod Nano with 4GB free. Podcasts FTW!

do vaccines save lives? check out this infographic from I Fucking Love Science & CDC backup

Taken 35 years ago within 6 months of & me starting at company from which we are both about to retire.

feelin’ JUST a bit spoiled, tulips from & and orchids from

feelin’ JUST a bit spoiled, tulips from & and orchids from

Start the girls young - software engineer w his daughter . Plans to take her to toorcon where he’s speaking

At AT&T store today - you won’t believe which phone had the most attention