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Many of your twitpic links are dead; happens a lot with video?

Congratulations to & the rest of the writing staff!

America's Greatest Rock Band

My dear got me Stewart Brand's (of fame) "Whole Earth Discipline" — inscribed by the author!

Wonderful dinner tonight at Clyde's Reston, hurricane be damned. Starr Hill IPA & epicurean deviled eggs FTW

Spam bots/algos are delightful.

How gorgeous is my cousin?? (you should see her sister!)

I swam in the ocean today! I sat in the water to make the waves seem larger & properly let them wash over me.


Really awesome ota bandwidth from my T-Mobile mifi — 5-10Mbps is superduper!

Snakeskin bag! Classy!

Great moments in publicly-accessible Facebook profile pictures. Such lolz

My first synchronicity-twitter (whatever calls it); courtesy of &

Picture pano from our seats for & at FedEx Field tonight.


Thoughtful design: four screws on Mac Pro optical cage fasten nothing — they're extras for adding another drive.

Getting into the shit now — memory risers, video card and fan assembly are out!

Interestingly, this is what I looked like a week ago. Good note, tho.

. The cows are gods.

The site appears to be completely unusable and unreadable with Mobile Safari :(

This is an excellent weekend for housework, video games and computer upgrades.

And then an FB friend posts this of her /niece/ and I'm all baby crazy at a glance. So strong, powerful.