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This just happened (er, uh, I mean “was witnessed happening”??)


is murdering

There's something about amazing pungent flowers that really calls to humans, eh? Look at this basil!


Google Wallet at the Macy's POS

Pretty cool PSA bus ad from the in the Ballston Mall food court —

Were it at all accurate, it would be important. It's just incomplete data.

I am visiting #OccupyDC — remarkable stuff. They are here because a lot of us cannot be. God save the USA!

My car reports 69°F and this is the psychedelically gorgeous sky!

The new Mars rover that launched this morning is way bigger than its predecessors — like a big SUV!

Mom put the oyster soufflé in the oven and I just showed mom this excellent cartoon, so we're going to have a drink.

Can you believe this amazing room??


Manicured, no polish (obvs)

It's cold, but gorgeous.


JUPITER SEZ: “So far, off to a good start!”

Fall at The Towers

This is the logo for "Fox News Latino"

Current status:


The party tonight was fantastic. A bit of positive feedback on my theories; this is a picture of Jupiter.


New avatar — one month of grieving means we can change the flag.