Patrick Marsh


Ph.D. Student & Operationally Oriented Research Meteorologist working for the National Severe Storms Laboratory who will occasionally #SuitUp to live tweet.

Photos and Videos by @pmarshwx

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The new Mr. and Mrs. Drizzle #drizzle

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Marsh #drizzle

Panorama during exchange of vows #drizzle

His sisters with the (communion) gifts #drizzle

His parents and grandmother during the exchange of vows #drizzle

Her ring to him #drizzle

His ring to her #drizzle

Her vows #drizzle

His vows #drizzle

The transformation begins #drizzle

The giveaway #drizzle

The handshake #drizzle

The anticipation #drizzle

The anticipation #drizzle

The groomsmen and groom are enroute... #drizzle

: So, I think we're ready to play with data now... =)

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: Looks like your "winter storm santa" name was the one chosen to be on Drudge Report

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: And since I like you, here's another one for you...

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: will this work for you? BTW, your probability for tomorrow is 0.20%

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Radar Anatomy of a Developing Tornado: Now, embedded circulation within low-level convergence. (3PM CST, S. MS)

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