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Jrock, Kpop, \m/ birthday: 2/24 COLORS ViViDのコーキさんとイヴさんが大好き! ‎(◕ᴥ◕し) League of Legends player... よろしくね!

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waterfront hotel and casino cebu


vivid desu~~~~

byou-chan kawaii ne

fly to the vivid sky... Wahhhhh even in the resort

pretty sky

meet byou


kawaii nyan

ang sakit!!!!!! Itaii yo!!!!

watching something

while i was at the salon

with flash but in weird lighting... Or the camera just suck

new hair colour without the flash and no light kinda

today's me

today's plushie.... Megane style... I look really smart on this fake glasses hehehe

havin choco freeze

its nearly night time sooo i'm about to go back to the hotel

today's me XD

lunch in the airport lol