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I can't draw so I paint Playmobil figures instead.

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#brighton celeb spot (from a bus hence poor pic) - classical violinist and 'mockney' geezer Nigel Kennedy

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Chalk-Board-Moto-Girl was feeling a bit self-conscious today

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TV Punditry is all very well but I only take my #tdf analysis from the Iraqi Minister of Information

  • 1136 days ago via site
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The #TDF goes down the Rochette descent today which gives me another tenous opportunity to post this

  • 1137 days ago via site
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I didn't know was a bit of a new-romantic

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Andy Schleck has another look about. Where's Frank Andy? Where IS Frank?

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Watching the Schlecks watching Evans watching Contador watching Voeckler watching Basso

  • 1140 days ago via site
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Look - this BMC rider has a 3D map of Thursday's Luz-Ardiden climb embedded in his calf. Nice one.

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The #TDF should bring back the Combination jersey. The Algorithm involved in sorting this out must be immense

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Those growing up in 70's and 80's Britain - remember this? Proof that the chalkboard girl started early

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A cartoon from '09. Ed went beserk citing the fact that P Hilton may have sued.

  • 1150 days ago via site
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Bumping 'n Barging is the meat & drink of sprinting. Can't remember what this 1 was about from '05 but WHO is it?

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When will spectators learn to keep out of the way in the #tdf ? This sort of thing has happened before

  • 1152 days ago via site
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Pettachi to possibly ride for Kazakhstan eh? His potential manager will be over-the-moon

  • 1156 days ago via site
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Calf pain turns out r Shin splints which is a ball-ache. Physio's strapped me up like Max Mosley on a friday night

  • 1175 days ago via site
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Sadly, unsurprised by the 5 players testing positive for doping in Mexico. I've always been suspicious of this guy

  • 1176 days ago via site
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Ricco's manager says "Riccò is a good guy". Jeez, bizzare comment until you see who his media consultant is:

  • 1177 days ago via site
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Looking forward to reading 's 'Slaying the Badger'. I just missed out on the Hinault era. Pity.

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The Italian 'Tifosi' are always good value - as today. Remember Wladimir Belli thumping one in the '01 #giro ?

  • 1195 days ago via site
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Tour prep was much easier for back in '06. I have no idea what this cartoon was actually about? #giro

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