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In the midst of launching, my beard pact with continues. (T-shirt swear word warning)

  • 1507 days ago via site
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On the one hand, struggling to get something to work on Polygon. On the other, this is the awesome error message:

  • 1508 days ago via site
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I think this emergency compliment was meant for and delivered to me by accident.

  • 1513 days ago via site
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Huh. I wonder how feels about this Twitter recommendation.

  • 1521 days ago via site
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Just in case you were worried that no games are coming out!

  • 1538 days ago via site
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This just showed up and is going to haunt me until I somehow find time to actually play it.

  • 1541 days ago via site
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Sup ? Sup ? Oh, nothing, just chillin' here up above you.

  • 1541 days ago via site
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Here's what got me for my birthday, officially making her my favorite person ever.

  • 1549 days ago via site
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One of the best parts of booting up a new PC: a nice, clean desktop.

  • 1556 days ago via site
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Here's what the World vs. World breakdown looks like. My server is green. I'd say we're winning. #GuildWars2

  • 1559 days ago via site
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The circled portion of this map is how much of Guild Wars 2's world map I've explored in a week of regular playing

  • 1561 days ago via site
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Just received a delivery that will be of interest to

  • 1562 days ago via site
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The first pieces of my new PC just showed up. Waiting on a second package now.

  • 1564 days ago via site
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So these polar bear people are the Guild Wars 2 equivalent of Pandaren, right? Hated expansion pack incoming?

  • 1565 days ago via site
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Just found this crazy Cthulhu temple in Guild Wars 2 (that's my character standing up top).

  • 1565 days ago via site
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Persona 4 Arena out of context, vol. 3

  • 1571 days ago via site
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Persona 4 Arena out of context, Vol. 2

  • 1573 days ago via site
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An actual MSNBC front-page headline right now. Seriously.

  • 1574 days ago via site
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Compromises. #TheGiesMethod

  • 1577 days ago via site
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This giant thing just showed up at my house but is sadly useless until next week. #GuildWars2

  • 1577 days ago via site
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