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Why Italy needs to fix its labor markets (via JPM) -

Latest (unhappy) OECD data on startup rates around the world -

From a new paper, a list of abnormalities found in endurance athletes' ECGs -

La Stampa front page today was a keeper -

Groupon second-best performing of all the bad performing Class of 2011 IPOs today. That's just wrong. -

Just thought time was going backwards, but realized it was battery indicator not clock. Whew. -

Me doing onstage Q&A tonight with Sequoia founder Don Valentine - /via

Worst airports in North America in October 2011, by on-time performance - /via

A friend of a friend sends this from Whistler, where grooming is underway this evening -

Pew: Graphic of historical long-term US unemployment

U.S. is first choice of wealthy Chinese emigrants, but Canada right behind which is huge per capita skew -

Speaking of WSJ, I like how it's getting away from whole distraction of running news on front page.

"Everyone has opinions. We have convictions." Ironic magazine ad from newly bust MF Global /via

Lest anyone be in doubt that Greece's infection has moved well beyond that host, I give you Italy -

What news Americans follow, 1996-2008

Graphic of travel time from Berlin, in days, in 1909 -

A quick tag cloud I did of the Steve Jobs tribute messages at Apple [data via]

The most remarkable figure if you want to compare Canada & U.S. real estate prices.

Progressivity, tax rates, and Warren Buffett (via JP Morgan) -