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Graph of that 1997-2012 tech sector as %ge of S&P 500 stat I posted earlier -

Desktop vs mobile search queries, 2011E - 2016E. If anything, this underestimates rapidity of shift. /via

Among the many iconic images in the Coens' Miller's Crossing: Rug Daniels -

Airports now seemingly use their own time system. NaN seconds to connect to wifi?

Comparing pre-IPO revenue growth at Google & Facebook -

Things that look sorta like Eastman Kodak's recent stock chart: Newt Gingrich at Intrade -

Weird how companoes complain about short-sellers the more their fin needs diverge from their op cash flows - #TSLA

2011 performance of Zulauf midyear picks /cc

Say I wanted to create a 1024x768 papyrus-y looking image, like attached. How would I do that?

When did Oxford shoes start looking like Caddyshack prop department knockoffs?

Yay, me. Masochistically motivational robo-email from -

Tag cloud of titles of all 1907 (!) papers at this week's American Economics Association 2012 conference -

Another shot from earlier today: big lenses watching big waves -

Valdez AK on pace to bury its 560-inch (!) season snowfall record /via /cc

Global commercial aviation is now twice as safe as 15 years ago.

The rise and fall of tech sector expectations: 1995-2012 -

Fun day: Zynga now down around $9, while Tim Hortons just passed RIMM's market cap. Donuts over doodads!

November 2011 US precipitation anomaly map. Most of West's mountains running <50% of normal -

NWS precip "departure from normal" anomaly map for November shows the desert effect

Fun Bloomberg graph showing how RIMM analyst ratings have trailed after its share price all year.