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Best-performing stock today: Intrade odds of Scotus overturning Obama healthcare individual mandate -

Good kite-flying day on Mt Washington, assuming your kite is a decent-sized jet -

A flood of semi-random twitter spam has been showing up in last 24 hours. Apparently twitter spam algo needs work.

Real S&P 500 price/earnings multiples over time.

Everybody wants some, I want some too: Luxury brands vs the S&P 500 -

The U.S. consumer is roughly as important to world economy as all of Asia plus Latin America -

Celebration over first Liverpool goal tonight by Gerrard was 20 ft from me. Took out camera late.

Historically sobering juxtaposition of headlines today on Bloomberg: Greece vs Singapore -

Here, by the way, is the Reagan/Obama comparison jobless graph -

When did Google start inserting a "best guess" box in search results? Is it new, or did I just miss it?

I love Bloomberg terminal menus. I could Copy Surprise all day long, if anyone is offering.

California has second-worst Dec-Feb rainy season on record -

I aspire to live like my spam inbox: Illegal financial transactions, fake MBAs, troubles with the BBB, etc.

My main takeaway from this graph of growth within Wikipedia categories: The kids dig "ambiguous" -

From new OECD report on world infrastructure spending needs (, graph comparing countries -

The cost to complete calls -- terminate rates -- to mobile providers across OECD. Remarkable differences.

Countdown to $6/gal California gas? 8 of top 10 stations now over $5, highest at $5.49 -

Ten highest regular gas prices in California now includes four stations over $5/gallon -

JPIM: Buying out-of-money puts against declines is as expensive as it been in many years -

Taking that S&P tech sector weighting graph back to 1995 ... -