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Amusing that one of my desktops has all these graphs & feeds -- plus live snow conditions -

I knew it: Music is getting louder over time - #HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

. No, not the Onion, but Yahoo. Close.

Anyone on other side of Betfair spike today wrt Tiger Woods odds of wining PGA Championship?

I see that E*Trade is flogging the Facebook IPO to retail investors on its front page -

Idly checked GMCR puts after train wreck last night. The May 30s up 12,775%. Nice.

Analysts' worst year ever on nat gas forecasting front - /via

Tinkering with my soccer ratings vs credit default swaps graph. Yes, it's for a presentation; yes, it's silly.

My incomplete graph of country soccer points (higher is better) vs 5-year credit default swap.

Nice day to be an Expedia call option owner. 2900% gain? Yikes.

Fascinating chart from new BofA auto report showing pace of technology adoption in cars -

As helpful feedback, wish Boomerang didn't mess with dates in all emails, like this -

I like this new Boomerang Calendar (, but must all Gmail extensions be named Boomerang? -

Apple's market cap just passed the combined capitalizations of Spain, Greece and Portugal combined -

Five-day Mammoth forecast. You low pressure systems are killing me.

Clever & informative win/place/show graphic on Spain from JPMorgan's Cembalest -

Conclusive proof that bits roll downhill: Outbound b/w from Mammoth (el. 8000 ft) is 6x inbound. And both suck.

Domestic technology adoption and the American home (via U.S. Census) -

Looks like the Santorum 2012 pump-and-dump is over. Check the Intrade graph -

Bay area wifi is like street signs: At Starbucks by Google near the two guys with the iPads Ohh.