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We live on a 3-Mini block, #targetmarket

Vanleeuwen artisnal ice cream truck @ #lafro. Fancy! prolly not violating open container law here.

Wedding toast, including scat work, from . #lafro

Nyt paywall ad, 23rd st. F stop

$30, 4gb ipod knock off, comes w/$10 emusic coupon. 7-11 dude sez they've sold a bunch.

Beginnings of new nets stadium at atlantic + flatbush. Can't tell in photo, but looks kinda cool

Steve jobs ditches new balance for nike endorsement deal, according to random poster at 5th + 13th, nyc.

Lots of kid dos up here. Like park slope north.

All of you are here, but: that's celebrating redesign. Back of 's head in foreground.

Weird. That's piers morgan, but that's not interviewing him - it's .

Here's what buncha people standing looking at iphones looks like. Note sunlight.

Subway accordion guy w/boba fett mask. Even better: playing "raiders" theme. Best f train boarding ever.

Sausagefest/line to get into "showstoppers" media preview. There is free food.

Line out the door at local yuppie-but-also-totally-the-real-deal butcher #bigmeatftw.

Sad snowman at googleplex east. Note requisite razor scooter...

Thot if I was on 30th floor w/chrsyler bldg vu, on cell network no one else uses, I could make call. Wrong!

Empress of china! Good enough for ponch, good enough for atd team lunch

Time unplug, pig out, talk to friends face-to-face. G'nite, internet.

All I know is, never saw a time inc. visitors' pile-up likes this in the ann moore era

Maybe the ipad *is* mobile. But ours stays at home to babysit/zombify the kids.

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