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Gadgeteer, photographer, MX-5 enthusiast, Head of IT for public sector tech company.

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Mine is on the main settings screen under personal hot spot. But haven't done an update for a while.

On the suggestion of , here is the pic of him in hair net and helmet. You'd have thought he'd be smiling.

After some rallying with some handbrake turns and lift off oversteer it was time for a bit of off road action...

Big toys :-)

Dogtanian DVDs on Lovefilm... *ADD*!

Tingly lips.

The best kind of pub quiz prize... But with a long drive tomorrow it'll have to wait.

Won a pub quiz :-) Admitedly a poor score, and without the usual knowledge of , , !

Diet recommences tomorrow. Anyone want my cherry?

Britannia Thai in Milford on Sea, Hampshire... Amazing food, 9/10.

Of course, you might have meant this one. My poor hat! “: may have a very silly hat photo of me...”

Mehbee... It's the Tilley hat club! “: may have a very silly hat photo of me...”

1... 2... 3... Drool.

Been to Beaulieu, found prolly the most famous MX-5 in the world. Do you know where it's from?

When said he was getting a new Land Rover, I didn't expect it to be *this*.

I know, I'm a heathen.

I think my have regretted ordering the fish finger burger platter.

Me too.

Sunny and busy!

Pimms by the pint. Rock on. #ilovepimms