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It has been done.

I say restart your computer/the twitter app. I have the unfollow button

lol my screen right now. Editing at least 13 vids, working on matching blog posts and descriptions.


Just saw this comment on one of my videos… I can't stop smiling. I bet this person's sexy as hell ;)


Why does it does this ;(

Got a lot of videos to watch and catch up with… oh lawdy. First, EMAILS and STUFFSSS

I noticed ;) and the lovely internet disconnected and froze your vid here -

Yes :)

Just made myself a cute little make up station out of boxes :) lols

Aw they're cute! Ok leaving them be >.<

Glens here :D party has started :)

He always looks so sad.

He's got the right idea.

I'm so ready to see it in 3D :P totally messed up pic though :/

Yay or nay?

Dangit I hate when I miss up a drawing :/

THE puppy pout. So cute lol

This is how you do it :P haha I'm good