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Perfume galore received. Thanks heaps!

I'm not happy with the outfit, but she picked the look :D

Not for the faint-hearted :D

Did I miss the trending on tis one?

When the going gets a teeny bit rough...I turn to my comfort food :)

That lil girl in the front is such a model material. See her posing for the camera ?

The lil kecak dancers. See the T :))

Kirain branwier, ternyata tukang putu. Mari...

See! Pixy stays put after 7 hrs of sleep. (From top: my darling, pixy, feline, kajal).

swatches: atas my darling, bawah pixy. Pixy jauuhhh lebih tahan lama.

Temen stress nemenin belajar anak2

hayo ngaku! Sapa yg keilangan panci? :D

Scremed like a banshee when I saw how the picture of Sari Ayu Petikan Sitar 1 lipstick turning out.

Pagi ngambek pake 2 roti, semangkok bubur ayam komplit, ditutup Magnum baru. Retail therapynya blanja sayur!

Cep, di Debenhams Sency, korner bando ada tuh, komplit bulu, veil, topi. Kerren!

Too lazy to wash face? Biore Cleansing Sheet to the rescue! Smallish yet does the job. Face felt clean.

Jakarta store's launching Swattch Zebra. Awesomeness, right?

U talkin' to Me???

Buat yg serius aje: Yudi, Islam, 30th, siap nikah, tinggi, baik hati, penghasilan OK, lucu, gak lebay.

At 3 weeks, mama Robojosky is still nursing her babies *sniff*