Brian Q. Webb (维博恩)


Weiguoren, educator & photographer in Taipei. Lover of street, documentary, and journalistic photography.

Photos and Videos by @photojazz

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Because I'm 12.

After obliterating 5K words last week (direction change), I just realized that I crossed the 15K word mark...again.

#HelloKitty beer. Seriously.

I just rediscovered this gift from a stateside friend on my desk at home. What a great way to begin a Saturday.

I have yet to find the Lego officer, Lego sailor, and Lego Native American. Maybe I need to look in the Lego YMCA.

Finally all together and ready to go. #RaspberryPi

Yet another nice sentiment that takes on a whole new dimension when placed over a men's urinal.

IKEA dolls are creepy.

The #raspberrypi case and heat sinks are here! Now I need only wait for the HDMI->VGA and USB->PS/2 adapters!

Cool new toy. Streams from my Plex media server perfectly. #Google #Chromecast

"Doner" the new politically correct word for meat? That sheep threw himself on that kebab spike so that I may live!

The new hotness. #rasperrypi

So, according to the #Taipei zoo, a mighty panda is 2x the size as a polar bear. Nuanced propaganda, #Taiwan?

At least Taiwanese know where to put him: right behind the giant gummy bear.

Holy crap I think that this is the fanciest coffee I've ever seen. Why yes, that is a coffee ice cube.

Mmmmm. ..chicken-flavored kangaroo.

Well, that's a hilariously odd bug, #Google.

I'll start taking #Chinese #cinema more seriously when it stops "borrowing" western cinema iconography. #??

Euripides' great tragedy, simplified.

Since it's I-Mei, I assume any such accidents would be Wonka-esque. #Taiwan