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also you seem to not grasp scientific theory so here you go:

Thousands of peer reviewed papers n you think the Bible trumps this? #fail

Really? These religions?

Here is what your faith is based on. This is why the bible is not proof

. coincidence?

. and here is your logic in action!

this one is for you! Happy zombie Jesus weekend!

Sunday funday

. what about these?

A beautiful sight, #itsajeepthing #jeepnation

Argyle Mall entrance, your doing it wrong

Thank you for your existence! Best flat out LOL I have have had in weeks!

5.0…..coming soon!

. if god created all (your assertion ),he must create diseases? Contradict your tweet?

Seems evolutionary theory has escaped you. Heres a little help

You are shifting the burden. Which is illogical, because its your claim that a magic man exist

. These are also scientific theories: electricity/gravity/evolution. Bet you dont discredit 2 of these

. Here is another quote.

. This Einstein? Dont think history is your strong point.

. did Pope Pius XII teach about a different Jesus? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Pius_XII