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#Marikana: workers from Saffy shaft en route to stadium meeting this morning. Pretty calm this side.

The one context in which your really don't want to give your autograph. #OscaPistorious

So dogs aren't too un-African for the website. But why must it sound like Scooby-Doo?

At Cape Town airport, the natives wear ceremonial colours and engage in strange chants. #province

Here's the #Madonsela finding that damns Malema. Ratanang only ever had two trustees: Malema and his 83-yo grandmother.

And because these crowd counts are always controversial: a count-it-yourself sized pic of the #Malema supporters.

#Malema doing the long-lives. He's popular here, and no mistake.

Amazing that managed to get its mines mixed up even worse than the original. Sjoe.

#Lonmin CFO Simon Scott, sitting behind #Shabangu here. He's said nothing but apologise for company appearing aloof.

Here's a location map for #Zumaville, from an official concept document.

#Zumaville residential units aren't presidential, though. Either 65 or 72 square meters each.

Nice school planned for #Zumaville. 24 classrooms, art room, laboratories.

#FPBSpear is ready to go -- except for the board and classifiers, who haven't yet pitched to give their decision.

This anti-#Spear painting outside the court was nearly, well, censored by an ANC marshall.

If we allow "Boers" to control what we need to/not sing, we"d be living in democratic era with "Apathetic" occurrences

The ANC motorcycle brigade is here. Not sure how they made it through the police line. #Spear

The Zuma #Spear crowd. By the looks of it, there may actually be more people inside the courtroom.

Bit of a church vibe at the #Spear street party.

ANC has its posters out, the mobile stage up, and is pumping the struggle tunes. #Spear street party.

Still my favourite image from #Ventersdorp yesterday. Doesn't matter if it's sarcasm or mistake, works either way