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作家。漫畫家。懶惰蟲。愛吃鬼。I will live without food.. I don't think I'll survive a day without drawing/creating.. Comics=air!

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Man I love working out now!!!!! Gives me all the excuses to have breakfast like this!!! >:D

Will stare at u til I fall asleep.. Should be grands dreams of KobeLobster feast..

In case u guys missed it.. Yesterday's sketch of the day.. Magneto :)

still haven't got my copy..and bein a DC guy don't get me marvel comps.. So.. I'm making my own til I pick up my copy..

..oh yeah..?? Well here's something I prepared for the Arizona show I WILL attend later next month.. GL's light!!! >:D

..oh yeah.. Well here's something I prepared for the Arizona show I WILL attend later next month.. GL's light!

Here's yesterday's.. Ulik!

Spinning head.. Blurry eyesight.. And zigzag walks.. I think I do need some bedtime.. Here's yesterday's sketch.. Despero!

80min drive ahead to get home.. -__-here's the prize for last week's freebiefriday.. Fire!!! :D

Was excited for the homecooked chapchae also.. Well.. It was from the other day.. But GOOD nonetheless! Yuunmmmm..

Few of the things I splurge on last week.. It's nothing to a lot of peeps but HUGE for me..

Yesterday's sketch.. Green Lantern Alan Scott :)

Will continue tweet-catchup later.. Meantime.. Here's yesterday's sketch.. Betaray!!!

Woohoo!!! Lucilles's :D gna have get me some good ribs tonight! Here's my free buiscit and cream butter! Mmm...butter...

Yesterday's sketch! Wonderwoman+Batwoman.. Does it make em a version of World's Finest? I'd like to think so ;)

Ok, sneak peak of today's page.. But don't forget to check for sketch at the website later! :D

Time sure is short when ur havin fun..wifey called for dinner! So I'll leave u guys 1o my favs! :)

..and another..first time I took home 3 convention sketches I promised..gna give em a lil more, for letting me :) betaray!

Been practicing inkwash whole day! Just for today im spending more time practicing..ssshhhh.. Here's one..