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Writer of telly & comedy. Irish. (Not the fecking poet; so stop 'reading @philiplarkin in the bath', unless you're my agent.)

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Listening to my new vinyl

Listening to my new vinyl

Listening to new vinyl

Listening to new vinyl

' : 'It's also a parachute.'

Homemade Pizza.

I'm being naughty



Found a use for the broken teacup. #resourcefullittlefecker

Just broke my FAV teacup measuring ingreds. Gutted.

Buy If not for the literature/free StarWars PhotoBook then for the nifty Rebel Alliance Sticker!

Fecking love this place in the early hours. Add in a bitta' Styx & I'm a happy manwich

Thank the baby jebus for waitrose!

I'm very bold, I went for a dander...

Sad, but I LOVE Fucking w/ moths that land on my flatscreen/mac hookup. Exposé/Mouse jitters make them go apeshit

LOL Jk, There's more.


Pot. Set. Munch.