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Writer of telly & comedy. Irish. (Not the fecking poet; so stop 'reading @philiplarkin in the bath', unless you're my agent.)

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Watch yo' back, Meekins; someone's not happy.

Can't wait to see you in this, mate.

This mad Partick cunt on Google Streetview. Fair play.


Rescued a little lamb today; GF took a picture without my knowledge. Was doing a pure heroic danger-face at the time.

Here, what?


Sightseers. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a shot. My favourite film of 2012.

Hey there, ZEROED inbox! is a dream. #inboxzero

I'm MIGHTY. Thanks, spam mail!

Hey look, I'm a giant (a giant cunt).

I pure LOVE myself.

You can tell I'm working really hard simply by the contents of my cupboard:


BBC Northern Ireland clutching at straws, again.



Freaking out now, you're like 'right, fuck it', and you just whip the blankets off to see what it is. It's this:

Happy Valentines, Nazi fucks.

Getting shot, hit by a car, breaking your nose, breaking anything, death of a loved one, learning you have cancer etc