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Glass bottle blew up in the RV. I wish there was some sort of suction device to get the glass out of the carpet. Wait...

Occasionally, illustrates my tweets with creepy photoshopped images. This is my favorite so far.

Doing intervals in the smog below 4k feet feels like smoking a pack of cigarettes. Get it together, Los Angeles.

Gas station closed, but there's plenty of clean snow. Phil 1, Mountains 1 (they scored when I installed snow chains last week).

Somehow got my shoes wet the other day, but made them good as new. .

The pinky shift: one of my favorite features of .

Inspirational quote of 2013 on my from the best movie ever.


View from the autograph booth after the ride yesterday. "Everyone form a line, please! No pushing! One a time!"

Nothing like starting my day with a photo of a new CLEAN tattoo. Welcome Greg Capelle to the club.

Pro Cycling.

Free food! Suckers.

Nice butte!

Does anybody take pride in their work anymore?

I predict the scent of gefilte fish in your future.

These damn soccer players. Always taking a dive.

Had my dinner with my legs in the lake, and made some new friends.

This hallway would be a great place for a Scooby Doo chase scene.

RIP Frankie's phone. Good at tactics, bad at checking pockets before he starts the wash.

"We're comin straight outta Compton! What? Different NWA? Oh."