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Modern Impressionist Painter and cave man, One bad break up away from being bitter enough to start a career in comedy. or just google me :P

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LOVE Glaceau vitaminwater natural energy boost 0 fat 0 sodium all vitamin :D

My art studio is built and finally ready :D

Cruising the historic stockade on the way back from dinner

My nerd socks #footsie

My new art studio is done :D

Got the girls so fresh baked cookies from Civitello's in little Italy :)

To illustrate this i use a direct application technique called 'pressing' #art

Smaller than the tip of my pinky each blossom carries a sunshine yellow tint

Greeted by wild flowers over my porch railing they make a yellow dye i use #art

Ladies & Gents we have roof :D WOOO

So excited the nxt batch of my limited edition post card sets just came in :)

Up at 5:30am working on my a comsn painting inspired by the book 'the Prophet'

through time and empirical proof Ive discovered that when people are annoyed by my up beat, go getter can do energy it has more to do with them than me, Ive learned to laugh at the eyerolls because after over 25 years of exposing my most personal and intimate through art to the harshness of human criticism I understand that exhausted excuses circular thinking and dread filled laziness are allergic to me because i am impervious to them, lazy artists dont make history and if I was so 'wrong' wouldnt they be happier than I am? The proverbial proof is in the pudding my dearest sirs and misses, I dont need to preach it, I dont need to sell it, I am it and like my life's work people can choose to pause and look or walk right by they can love it or leave it, I'll still be me doing me and kicking its ass in painting to Ariana Grande's 'Break Free' as audio inspiration hello monday you're mine, all mine #leadfromwithin #pgpfineart #painting #art

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My '2014 Sigil Series' new blog entry coming soon, to see the rest of my body of work simply google: Patrick Gorman Pettis, or visit here

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The Newest Work of 2014: Titled "Four", (gallery link for pricing and availability on this piece is here: ) The Fourth of Five in signature style of the Internationally Sold '2014 Sigil Series'. Done in natural hand made ink, stains & dyes on 100% organic cotton canvas pine mounted, unframed measuring 20 inches wide by 16 inches tall. All natural materials such as: olive oil, lamp black, azurite, saffron, and honey were used to create this piece. A blog entry will be updated soon describing in detail the inspiration and process behind this series in my body of work. Thank you for the love #pgpfineart #art #naturalpaint #leadfromwithin #artinspires #painting

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Aw my nephew mailed me a personal thank you for his graduation gift w senior pic

Rescued a family of wooly catapillars that wandered into my conrtruction site

At the Blue Ribbon Diner its a freakin institution the Calypso Chicken Delux OMG

Its so cool building a structure from ground up

Wrk bench peg board & shelf done