One can lead a horse to water, but one cannot make it drink. Troll not here.

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Somewhere in Grand Rapids, an erudite idiot curses, as she carves “” into her arm with a letter opener.

Somewhere in Grand Rapids, there’s an erudite idiot carving “” into her arm with a letter opener. #cutter

C’est le touchdown

. Hope you two are exercising caution…if he gets you between his chins, it’s all over.


This is the standard tool palette; so flagging and what I presume is a favorites function do exist.

harsh! #aol


DJay app is updated in the App Store, here's the changelog:

Spending some quality time with my Bird Brain tonight:

Well...dammit. Ripping this crap out of a neighboring apartment isn't conducive to nice nap time for a 2-month old boy:

I think we've reached baby milk Nirvana...for a bit.

You're really fouling up your legacy, old man. <MUST READ>

Heh...hard to believe I have "Bing" on here. Must. Delete.

Oh noes!

How come the API gets slammed if I run the OS X twitter app & concurrently?