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Freelance games journalist, former editor, MMO-fanatic, documentary maker (made an EVE Online doc) and communicator at @doc_lounge in one Discordian body.

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. shared his photos from Iceland and Fanfest, this comes up. Thanks, Elin. #atois #tweetfleet

Let's do this thing then, with our DIY name tags. Less than two days to go.

This guy is my new hero. (via )

Here's the Age of Wushu chat right now. Time for a banning spree, ?

The absolute madness of #Defiance arkfalls. Not sure if they are actually *fun*. Just chaotic.

Some fire element based character I drew in 2004. F*ck, soon ten years ago. Ten years of practice lost.

Feels good, man.

I expect to quit after... Hmmmm, two minutes?

My grandfather (on my mother's side). I can only dream about being this handsome when I'm in my 40s.

This counts like a vintage t-shirt now, right? So despite being rubbish, it's cool by that virtue? #apb

That's an interesting bug... #tsw

See! My role model is, after all, Rupert Giles. Just look at him!

MMO version of a photo bomb, I guess.

Fashion is important. Wasted marks to tweak my wardrobe a bit. Fashion > potential gear upgrades. #Rift

Can't decide if disgusting or cool. #Rift

Like so. Dug out my old Death Mask, can't even remember which event that is from. But I feel stylish. #Rift

Yay, my own gift carrying mini-werewolf. Done with the current Fae Yule achievements, in other words.

Woah, had no idea Turbine started selling complete crafting tiers. Disgusted and enticed at the same time. #lotro

My Ratonga in a funny hat. Fun to log in again. Might bug about a guild invite. #eq2

I love Tempest Bay. #Rift