A female human of 1984. One who reads slash writes books and letters. See also: #cocktails #stationery #bagels #baths #baking #propriety

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Me likey. Just picked this up. Not old, but I like:

they are tasty. Unfortunately, don't think they'd survive the trip to you via aeromail

The sign is in Maine; the places are all towns therein.

dear new york, please see attachment to better understand the position you've put me in. #gwbridgefail

Free, effective birth control: surveying mess made by a family with 2 kids. *vom*

Mmmmm starch & sodium

Crossing into New Hampshire. All 4 windows rolled down. Commence hair blowsy golden retriever pose.

Just passed Kinnison Auto Sales. WHOOOAAAA!!!!!

Leaving beautiful Maine for "wicked hot" Baltimore.

Second ice cream cone in twenty minutes. Must power through... #Delugeofdairy #lactosetolerant #sugarcones>cakecones

At DiCocoa's in Bethel writing postcards, eating amazing food, falling in love with the mountains and the world and life

66 degrees. Muahahahaha

In a good place. #vacationland

Paying to park at Target in downtown Stamford CT. WTF?!

Found when my Mom made me take all my boxes of crap out of her basement. Totally gonna play this on the way to work.

My brother's bday cake.

Also, the fam flew to Boston and back for the #bruins parade yesterday. I had to work.

Yep. Happy.

¡Olé! Successful Taco Thursdaycwith tons of leftovers = Taco Friday!

self-portrait from breakfast yesterday. Stache and all.

The problem w/ eating a loaded baked potato: I eat all the good stuff in the first three bites. Kinda like relationships

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